Meeting places:



Owatonna, Minnesota <-> Fort Smith, Arkansas


Burlington, Colorado <-> Albuquerque, New Mexico


Hailey, Idaho <-> Prescott, Arizona


Fort Smith, Arkansas <-> Selmer, Tennessee


Worland, Wyoming <->  Rapid City, South Dakota


Howard, South Dakota <-> Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Owatonna, Minnesota <-> Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Selmer, Tennessee <-> Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Aspen, Colorado <-> Burlington, Colorado


Rapid City, South Dakota <-> Aspen, Colorado


Escape room is a REAL-LIFE escape game. 

You have to escape the mystery room by solving a series of multitask puzzles, finding hidden clues and eventually get out in time. You have 60 minutes to escape. The clock is ticking, so be quick!! OR... You could be trapped inside forever! 


11805 Coastal Hwy, unit I, Ocean city, MD

2nd Street, Building #6, Ocean city, MD

5601 Coastal Hwy, unit 6, Ocean city, MD


Hours of Operation

Summer time

OPEN DAILY. 11am-11pm. Mon - Sun.

Winter time

Open on Saturdays ONLY 1pm-9pm

Extended hours may be available during holidays. 

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